Welcome to the World of Twinray
We are a multi-talented team that has provided the world with original music and the music of others since 2008. We assist in creating work for other musicians and pass our knowledge on to others through tools of spirituality, education and shared experiences. Our aim is to share perspectives from our travels, magical synchronicities, gathered wisdom and then co create with like minded people and create deeper connections.

Mike and Dez have been in love and best friends since 1999. They met in Chicago sometime in 1997 while performing in the off broadway hit, Tony and Tina's wedding.  In 2007 they travelled to Sedona AZ, where Twinray was birthed and they got engaged. After deciding to commit to a life of adventure together, they joined forces, started writing songs, created music businesses, a school, a recording studio, written a couple of books, travelled extensively, sought and absorbed deep spiritual teachings and got reiki certified. What's a Twinray? The definition of a Twinray is two halves of the same soul that come together for a purpose. Twinray's can appear as opposites, creating challenging juxtapositions at times. We have joked about "using" each other for spiritual growth for over 20 years. In the last 20 years we have been each other's mirror and together we have navigated many transformations as individuals and as a couple. Through the use of music, education, literary and intuitive arts, comedy and entertainment we share our life's work. Our aim is to contribute joy by moving through the pain, choosing to transcend adversity and then molding that energy it into different creative mediums.